2016 Waratahs graphics Allianz stadium.

2016 Waratahs home stadium Allianz Stadium.

Graphics and video for sports stadiums is where motion graphics really shines.  The stadium is filled with people that can’t wait to see the game and are ready for raw power.

This gets reflected in the treatment of the graphics when you start using heavy thick fonts and big impacts that shake the screen.  I always go overboard on this as I think you can’t reinforce the ‘hit’ too much when you want to grab attention.  Sparks, camera shakes, channel blurs and light effects all get used to bring on text or reveal graphics.

I love the blending of sports design with infographics and especially real-time processing of stats.  I think in the future we’ll see multiscreen and more emphasis being put on the event as an experience.

Also the corporate design of the team gets reinforced through motion graphics.   Many times the fans only see the team brand expressed through merchandise or static imagery.


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