QHA Awards Brisbane 2018

Awards design

The 2018 QHA awards were based around a theme of a modern beer garden.  The room was decked out with leafy tropical plants and bulb lighting to reinforce the design.

Each year these awards seem to get bigger and better and slightly more complex in terms of design. This year the challenge was to represent such a vast membership (members from all over QLD) on separate maps.  The design itself went through a few variations as there are a lot of different styles of beer gardens and elements that can go into them – bricks, wine barrels, exposed plumbing, lighting and wood each can be slightly different and give a different feel to the overall design.  I also had to consider how the central circle would be used as each winner\entrant can have up to 4 variables on screen at once.


Each year these awards are rendered on 4 machines as there are roughly 180+ full res files produced which equates to about 10gig of files.