Promo video Melbourne

Interesting promo video to work on as it the video had to tell the narrative of ‘communication through the ages’ without a voice over.  This type of work is challenging in that you have to create something that has punch through straight motion graphics.    Different to an explainer video where you have a clear narrative this type of work (which I love) is purely ‘punch’.

The pace of this design had to be considered from the beginning – we were going through the ages so graphically we had to ramp up to make it impactful when the era gets to the modern age.

As an interesting graphical device, I tried to use an element of the technology of the era as a transition to tie it all together.  So the first is a smoke transition then a letter than through the ages we go.  It’s interesting how instantly recognizable the nuances of the technology are… Static for old tv, blocky dissolves for early LCD technology.

The soundtrack\soundscape was important to achieve impact.  It was crafted by weaving together really just sounds from the era that were relevant to what is onscreen. It turned out to be a very large audio mix as there are a lot of subtle sounds that you don’t really perceive.  Also the music had to have kick at the end to help sell the vibe of the video.

At the end of the video I wanted to push the limits when we were in the modern telecommunications and going through a fibre network.  I thought about a fighter plane crossing over the supersonic barrier, it goes fast but then the sonic boom and even faster.  An interesting device to use on future projects.