Motion Graphics Protrada – Corporate promotional video

By far one of my most favourite jobs I have worked on to date.

This video was a motion graphics promotional video that was used as a way to introduce this new online trading software to the world. The client was super organised and new (and loved) what they developed so it was easy to get a good outcome for them.

This was essentially a dance between after effects and 3ds max to get this job done, exporting cameras and scenes between the two to get 2d elements in to 3d space.

As this was a fairly big job with lots of moving parts I found a new respect for storyboarding in my workflow. My sketches of how the job was going to come together were extremely crude but they did show how the motion was going to work and how I saw the space coming together between the scenes. Storyboarding my work before I start is something that I don’t usually have the time or the budget to do but I it is definitely something I should be doing more as the time saving in concepting first is so beneficial to the design workflow.

Motion Graphics Protrader motion graphics_02Motion Graphics Protrader motion graphicsMotion Graphics Protrader motion graphics_03

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