Explainer videos

I get asked all the time about explainer videos or infographics for the web.   Companies now have the power to directly market to their customers or clients via social media and video seems to be right there as the medium of choice.

The key point (in my experience) with explainer videos is to keep the message as short and sweet as possible, 30 – 90 seconds would be the maximum time.  If you think about the viewer not many people would stay past a message that long unless the content is extremely engaging.  Using a clear voice over and music track helps but you can even get away from using VO if you are clear enough with the message.

The benefit of these types of videos are that they allow a concept to be clearly explained stripping back all the noise of the world and condensing the topic to a simple bite sized bit of information.  They can also tie in well with the companies own branding or marketing strategy as most of the time they are a part of a bigger project or event.

Most buyers or clients are extremely savvy and will research their topic extensively before making a decision providing a simple clear videos can provide clear fast answers to questions without making the user dig through unstructured content.

The graphical nature of an explainer video also allows the brand to not take itself so seriously, with humour being a way to engage the audience.  The video engages on a personal level and the concept becomes not a boring chore to watch.  If done well the video frames a problem and quickly provides a solution.