Government Values Animation

Values animation

The idea behind this video was to show the values of a government department in an interesting typography animation loop.  The text concept was created in 2d to start with to show how the bends and folds of the typography were going to work and to give a style guide to the whole thing before starting the motion graphic design.




For the actual text animations I tried first keeping them as 2d planes in a 3d space but because of the lighting and the way that the shapes were going to bend around the lines there was no easy way to do it in 2d.  So in 3d, I created each word as a 3d object made up of planes with a transparent background. The real problem was that some of the bends are not as they appear, because it is made to look 2d some of the 3d planes were going forwards towards the camera some were going away.


Overall because it was a simple idea executed without much overkill it actually gets the message across and would stand as a motion graphic design.