Corporate event design

Corporate Event design

For the second year running I have had the pleasure of doing freelance motion graphics on the Queensland Hotel Awards for Excellence held in Brisbane.  The gala event recognises outstanding achievement in all fields in the hotel industry throughout Queensland.  From individual chefs right through to excellence in training and community achievement.

corporate event design graphics brisbane qha 01

This year’s event theme was to be glitz and glamour and the on screen motion design had to reflect elegance and style of the theme.  I went with an elegant gold and black design that would be subtle enough to allow the hotels and people that were to win awards to stand out on the background design.  It was important this year to feature the imagery of the venues and people that won awards as each entrant supplied mostly professional photography.

corporate event design graphics brisbane qha 04

Gold font styling

I also wanted to add a motion effect to the on screen text this year as there is no point having such a large screen and having flat generic text.  I used an animated gold texture for the category text which worked well as it was just a slight reflection in the text.  It was important to get the look of the gold right I didn’t want it beaming and bright but almost brassy and warm, a deep gold.

All together there were roughly 120 files to this event which at the blend screen projection resolution (4096 x 632) equated to almost a whole day of solid rendering on multiple computers.