QHA Awards

Designing the backgrounds

The feathers were tricky to design with – there is a lot of stock pictures that could have been used but it would be more dynamic and interesting to actually film my own.  The challenge in filming them is that the lighting has to be at a certain angle or the shine fades out and looks flat.  I shot the feathers with a very slight breeze blowing, it was important to get some movement but not so much that they would be distracting.


The template had to be set up so that the entrants could be displayed on the centre hexagon cluster so that each entrant would get their own hexagon.  This was tricky to setup as some had very long names.  Also I wanted to actually integrate some element of the design into the hexagons rather than it just be a screen to display content.

I wanted the gold to trace the edges of the hexagons and to ‘write on’ so when the winners were announced there was so flash and animation on screen as they came to the stage.

For the gold hexagon animation I used scripts to offset the time of 1 hexagon over the whole array so that that you get a transition effect.  I’ve played with this before and usually you get large render times but in this case because the shape was simple it was fast enough.