Premier’s Awards for Excellence

Event Design

The graphics for this year’s Premier’s awards for excellence were to be very clean and minimal  using white hexagons and an
array of colours to separate the categories.

I wanted the motion graphics to reflect the clean sharp vector style so recreated the icons in 3d to allow them to move and rotate around
– which I was later going to use in the category screens.

Each year there are entrants from a large number of departments so you have to think ahead about how you are going to use all the imagery supplied.


event design graphics brisbane government awards premiers title

As there are 100’s of entrants images I had to make them all fit within the hexagon design so ended up spending a lot of time making sure the images would fit and also highlight the relevant part within the image.

Colour theme

The colour theme worked really well this year – the pastel colours were perfect to separate out each category.  A case of less is more here, the more the colours stand out the entrant imagery would have had to compete against it.  Carried throughout the event this colour really becomes the glue to the whole design.