Qantas Australian Tourism Awards – Darwin

Australian Tourism Awards

Having worked on the Australian Tourism awards for a few years in a row it was more than a pleasure to be working on the 2016 awards night.

This year’s design was based around and indigenous representation of the Australian Tourism Awards trophy using dot painting technique and earthy tones to reflect that the awards were to be held in Darwin.

The event is the pinnacle of the tourism sector so it is extremely important to get the event graphics looking their absolute best.  There were some challenges with finding a balance with the design artwork as there were three different design styles to apply to the event – the Australian Tourism Awards Inc branding of blue and gold, the Tourism NT’s branding and the indigenous artwork that was to be used throughout the print work.

After some preliminary designs, the structure of the awards themselves would govern the design.  With the main elements being from the region and from the brand and the artwork then flowing through to the awards themselves.

event_design_graphicsaustralian tourism awards winners

Colour theme

In total for this awards night there were well over 100 videos to deliver.  This requires a lot of sorting and organizing but the main problem graphically is that it tends to get repetitive to watch over the course of the night.   To break this up I generally try to incorporate different colours schemes in each category that then get matched with the room lighting.