ANZ opening video


Launch video for the conference of ANZ mobile lenders in Sydney.

Instead of cutting it into the 3 separate sections it was designed as one long composition so that it was easier to work with in the design phase.

I wanted to use a lot of animation that would jump between the screens and pull the 3 screens back as if it was one giant projection.  The brain is able to fill in the gaps between the screens so you can make elements look bigger than they are.  I also enjoyed working with the limited colour palette in the branding, it forces you to get creative with how you use the motion graphics and transitions in the video.

The design collateral was all vector elements so it was easy to scale and move around without losing resolution.  The video had to be fun and upbeat as it was to be played at the very start of the conference.

Everyone knows the feeling when you are presented with endless badly designed PowerPoint presentations so it’s refreshing to have a video at the start to wake you up and set the mood for the event.  A lot of presentations now are realizing the role good design and motion graphics can play in a presentation and enjoyment for those participating in the event.